How to Use Public WiFi Hotspots Safely

How to Use Public WiFi Hotspots Safely

Did you know that public WLAN networks, hotel or holiday home WLANs are insecure despite password protection? COMPUTER BILD tells you how to protect yourself.
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The Online Shield protects against hackers and spies in public WiFi networks.
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Public or semi-public WiFi networks (hotspots) in restaurants, train stations, hotels or holiday apartments are a practical matter. Especially when you are on vacation, you can stay in touch with your home without an expensive mobile phone connection and, for example, send vacation snapshots to your loved ones. The catch: Hackers and spies who are in the same network have an easy time of it, access personal data with little effort or, for example, take over the entire Facebook account. Since hotspots can be faked with little effort, you don’t even know whether you are really in your hotel’s WiFi network, for example, or whether you are caught in the WiFi trap of crooks. You can protect yourself with little effort:

Safely with a Windows notebook

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If you have your Windows notebook with you, simply encrypt your Internet connection with the free Steganos Online Shield program. To activate the protection, just click on Protect connection in the program window. The software then leads your connection via a so-called VPN tunnel and attackers will bite their teeth at the encryption . This works free of charge up to a data volume of 500 megabytes per month. That is enough to protect your e-mails and the latest Facebook messages from prying eyes – even if the attackers know the access data for the WLAN. You can also surf anonymously on the Internet with an active protective shield.
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Securely via Android device

Steganos Online Shield is also available for your Android smartphone or tablet . Simply download the free app via the link from the Google Play Store. After opening, slide the red shield symbol upwards. Complete! When you leave the WiFi network with your mobile phone, call up the app running in the background again and pull down the shield. This saves the battery and limits data consumption.

Securely via Apple device

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Unfortunately, there is no Online Shield for IOS yet. Here you switch to CyberGhost VPN , for example , but you need premium access for around 25 euros per year to start the app. Without such protection, you should only use apps that encrypt the Internet connection by themselves, such as Facebook. In the browser, put “https: //” in front of each address, then load the page and then tap the address again. If “https: //” can still be seen, the website also supports a secure connection. This protection is deceptive, however, as it can be thwarted in fake or manipulated WLAN access.
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